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01. St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble
St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble
  St.; Petersburg Musette Ensemble is the laureate of international accordion competition in Castelfidardo (Italy, 1999). Since 1998 soloists of the ensemble Vladimir Ushakov, Svetlana Stavitskaya and Sergei Likhachov created publishing program "S. P. M. E. Editions" (more than 150 books) and producing program "S. P. M. E. Productions" (Video, CDs, tapes, DVDs):
Music sheet, MC, CD, VHS and DVD for Accordion

"Accordionissimo". 31 May 2001. 115'
Concert of St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble
in A. Raikin Variety Theater, St. Petersburg


I part
  • 1. A. Piazzolla. Tanti Anni Prima (Ave Maria). Video
  • 2. A. Piazzolla. Meditango. Video
  • 3. A. Piazzolla. Oblivion. Video
  • 4. A. Piazzolla. Libertango. Video
  • 5. A. Piazzolla. Ausencias. Video
  • 6. A. Piazzolla. Melody. Video
  • 7. 4. R. Galliano. Le Clown Perdu. Video
  • 8. M. Likhachov. Menuet. Video
  • 9. M. Likhachov. Zanzara (Mosquito). Video
  • 10. M. Likhachov. Pavlovsk in the Evening. Video

    II part
  • 11. J. Peyronnin. Reine de Musette. Video
  • 12. R. Bazhilin. The Two. Video
  • 13. R. Bazhilin. Gaily Rag. Video
  • 14. R. Bazhilin. Love Market. Video
  • 15. B. Veksler. Paraphrase on the melody from "La Traviata". Video
  • 16. B. Veksler. Festival waltz. Video
  • 17. N. Paganini-B. Veksler. Carnival of Venice. Video
  • 18. A. Abramov - S. Likhachov. The Familiar Silhouette. Video
  • 19. R. Galliano. Laurita. Video
  • 20. J. Kern. All the things You are. Video
  • 21. A. Vossen. Springende Punkte. Video
  • 22. D. Favre, J Gautrin. Les Doigts D'or. Video
  • 23. Yu. Likhachov. Rumba. Video
  • 24. K. Fontaine. Friendly Musette. Video
  • 25. V. Ushakov. Blackbird Polka. Video
  • 26. American Treskopolka. Video

  • 02. Baltic International Accordion Quintet "Excelsior"
    Baltic International Accordion Quintet ''Excelsior''
      Vladimir; Ushakov and Sergei Likhachov (both St. Petersburg, Russia), Svetlana Stavitskaya (Daugavpils, Latvia), Eduardas Gabnis and Gennady Savkov (both Vilnius, Lithuania).
       The ensemble is the laureate of international accordion competitions in Castelfidardo and Lanciano (Italy, 2003, 2004).

    03. Instrumental duet
    Vladimir Ushakov (accordion, piano) and Sergei Likhachov (button accordion)
      The; duet exists since 1984 and was as the basis of St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble.

    04. Instrumental trio "Accodemia"
    Vladimir Ushakov (accordion, piano, syntesizer)
    Svetlana Stavitskaya (accordion)
    Sergei Likhachov (button accordion, bass-accordion)

    05. The ''Cottage'' Ensemble

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