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Instrumental duet
Vladimir Ushakov
(accordion, piano) and Sergei Likhachov (button accordion)

Vladimir Ushakov and Sergei Likhachov
Instrumental duet of soloists
of ensembles - laureates of international competitions
St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble and
Baltic International Accordion Quintet "Excelsior"
  The; duet was organized in 1984 in the M. Mussorgsky musical college in the class of ensemble tutored by Vladimir Kirillov, the bright follower of the duet contained and still does the works of the variety genre. The duet took part in concerts organized in the Russian cities and abroad.
  In; 1989 being already the students of the Leningrad State Institute of Culture, the young musicians increased the number of the ensemble staff, including the rhythm group in it: the guitar, bass-guitar, drums. Since then the ensemble has performed in the same time staff of musicians and has been called "The Saint-Petersburg Musette Ensemble".
  But; apart from this the duet perform in various concerts, festivals, holding musical meetings with lovers of the accordion music. The duet has been starring in lots of Russian cities, not once did the duet perform in European countries, successfully performing in USA. The popular variety music produced by the duet was heard in such exotic places as Morocco, Western Sahara, Gibraltar, Madeira Island, The Canary islands.

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   St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble      Baltic International Accordion Quintet ''Excelsior''

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