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Svetlana Stavitskaya

  Svetlana; Stavitskaya was born in 1974 in Daugavpils (Latvia).
  The; first teacher who made her the of lover accordion was her father. Svetlana finished the music school in the class of teacher N. Lashkova (1989), music college in the class of G. Skakun (1993), music faculty of the pedagogical institutute in Daugavpils.
  Her; education went on the magistracy of the Lithuanian Academy of Music (1998) in the class of professor Eduardas Gabnis.
  For; about 10 years Svetlana was involved in the pedagogical activity in Daugavpils and used to work in all levels of education – from the basic to the higher. She gave concerts as a solo-performer, 13 years was a member of the national orchestra of accordion players in Daugavpils with Valery Khodukin at the head.
  Svetlana; Stavitskaya is the creator and leader of the instrumental trio "Milonga" (violin, accordion, piano). "Milonga" is the participant of many international festivals and competitions. The ensemble released the album "Baroque and Blue" (1999), with the help of the publishing program "S. P. M. E. Editions" released four volumes of musical note collections with the compositions from the trio's repertoire.
  Since; 2000 Svetlana is soloist of the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble and member of the instrumental duet with Vladimir Ushakov.
  Since; 2001 S. Stavitskaya is the member of the Baltic International Accordion Quintet ''Excelsior''.
  Svetlana; is the author of arrangements, adaptations and orchestrations of musical compositions for different instrumental ensembles.
  She; takes an active part in the publishing program "S. P. M. E. Editions".
  Svetlana; Stavitskaya is the laureate of the international competitions in the staff of the trio "Milonga" (Lithuania, 1998; Russia, 1999; Poland, 2000), in the staff of the Baltic International Accordion Quintet ''Excelsior'' (Italy, 2002, 2003), and in duet with Vladimir Ushakov (Italy, 2006).
Music sheets:

Instrumental Trio ''Milonga'' (Latvia). Volume 1    Instrumental Trio ''Milonga'' (Latvia). Volume 2    Instrumental Trio ''Milonga'' (Latvia). Volume 3    Instrumental Trio ''Milonga'' (Latvia). Volume 4    
Instrumental Trio ''Milonga'' (Latvia). Volume 1
1. C. Bolling. Suite: Baroque and Blue, Sentimental, Javanaise. 2. D. Kramer. Dancing Violin Player.
Instrumental Trio ''Milonga'' (Latvia). Volume 2
1. F. Latenas. Nina's Music. 2. Y. Derbenko. Country Style Intermezzo. 3. V. Novikov. Samba "Carnival".
Instrumental Trio ''Milonga'' (Latvia). Volume 3
1. V. Azarashvili. Spanish Suite: Corrida, Bolero, Serenada, The Song of Don Quixot, Jota.
2. B. Balan. Concert hora. 3. D. Milhaud. Braziliera.
Instrumental Trio ''Milonga'' (Latvia). Volume 4
Arr. by S. Stavitskaya. Compositions of A. Piazzolla.

1. Violentango. 2. Close Your Eyes and Listen. 3. Novitango. 4. Fuga 9.
5. Milonga del Angel. 6. Libertango. 7. Adios Nonino
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