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Sergei Likhachov, born in 1968, Leningrad.

Received musical training and education in music school № 32 (now St. Petersburg V. V. Andreev music school) with his father as the head, the honoured worker of culture of the Russian Federation Yuri Likhachov (1983), M. Mussorgsky musical college in the class of Vladimir Kirillov (1987), graduated from the State Academy of Culture (1994).

Since 1984 has been playing in a duet with the accordionist Vladimir Ushakov, since 1989 – the soloist of the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble. Since 2001 he is the member of the Baltic International Accordion Quintet "Excelsior".

Apart from performing in ensembles, Sergei taught in St. Petersburg V. V. Andreev music school for many years as the head and conductor of the bayan and accordion orchestra. During working with the orchestra Sergei developed methodology and tools for "children's creativity" and "children's improvisation", which generated releases of music sheets for accordion ensembles.

Sergei is an organizer and participant of music teacher training seminars in Russia and other countries, including. He is a lecturer and researcher who has developed a unique student-centered teaching methodology currently used in many music schools. In his approach he puts a special emphasis on the aims and perspectives of basic musical education. The has given lectures and talks in many Russian and Baltic cities. More information.

Sergei Likhachov is the laureate of the international competitions in the staff of the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble (Italy, 1999) and the Baltic International Accordion Quintet "Excelsior" (Italy, 2002, 2003).

In 2008 Sergei Likhachov was invited as accordionist to record the sound tracks for moovie "The Ochard" (director S. Ovcharov, producer and composer A. Sigle).

Sound tracks:
Dreams of Paris
Ranevskaya and Lopakhin
Bidding's Day
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